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01 / INPUT

  1. We will thoroughly analyze the information you need to input into the software, based on your specific business and industry needs, theory, and scientific approach.
  2. We will train your staff to input data in an easy-to-use interface.
  3. We will design processes in cooperation with you to ensure quality-in-quality-out.


  1. Calculations and algorithms are bases on precise scientific approach and theory and standards in the field, designed by two PhDs and two MScs in the field.
  2. The software calculates environmental effects of all types of companies in all industries, to give you a complete picture of your company's performance.
  3. All data is stored in a safe manner in a secured cloud-based storing facility


  1. Outputs from the system are designed with executive and middle-management decision making in mind as well as being ensured that outputs meet all regulations and standards set by supervisory bodies.
  2. Outputs are constantly developed to meet the needs of different industries and to reflect development in the field in terms of regulations and standards.
  3. Get an overview of the complete environmental effects of your company and benchmark to other companies in your industry and other industries.